The self-service fare collection and money counting system solution consists of two parts: the self-service fare collection system and the money counting system. The self-service fare collection system comprises a farebox, a self-service terminal, a fare collection management system and other parts. Different from the traditional bus fare collection mode, this solution operates under the mode in which the driver instead of a full-time staff member collects the fare receptacle. The driver removes the empty receptacle from the fare collection terminal at the time of getting off work or a shift change, and store the recovered receptacle with fares. After the end of operation in the current day, the fare receptacle transport staff will complete electronic settlement on the fare collection terminal. The money counting system is composed of a money countering counter and an accounting management platform. Based on the existing business of the public transport clearing center, it centers on the turnover of fare receptacles, and the electronic tags in the inner receptacle will record the information on vehicles and the handover of inner receptacles, and so on, to replace the original counting sheets. Information technology is applied to the data collection of fare-containing receptacles, money counting and settlement and other work, which reduces manual intervention. The IT-based bus fare counting and settlement is processed while ensuring the security of bus fares, so as to avoid omission and shortage problems in the money counting process. This consequently will result in the improvement in the management level and efficiency of public transport enterprises. 

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