Hefei makes breakthrough in construction of digital public transport, and Tiamaes Technology praised for unattended BRT platform solution
Source:Tianmai Writer:Tianmai Time:2023-11-08 10:48:26

Recently, the achievements made by Hefei since the implementation of the chief data officer system were reported in Shu Shuo Hefei, the first digital news program in Anhui Province that was jointly launched by Hefei Data Resources Bureau and Hefei Radio and Television Station. According to the report, Hefei Public Transport Group achieved remarkable results in digital construction, and its unmanned BRT station was praised as a model of digital construction and publicized to the whole province.


Since Hefei Public Transport Group was approved to pilot the Hefei Chief Data Officer System, it has improved the operation guarantee capacity for public transport comprehensively with the aid of digital technology and enabled the development of public transport in accordance with the unified plan made by the Municipal Data Resources Bureau.


The unattended BRT station operated by Hefei Public Transport Group, which was reported in the TV program, represents another breakthrough in the digital construction of Hefei Public Transport. The management personnel in the background remotely control the unmanned station in real time by using the multiple subsystem functions of Tiamaes’ unattended BRT monitoring and management platform.


Passengers pay the fare using the self-service ticket inspection system and pass through the turnstile. In the event of any problem, they can communicate with the background staff on duty through the IP visual intercom system, who will solve problems in real time. Furthermore, the safety early warning management system performs real-time video monitoring of the bus stop platform, and gives voice alarm and reminders for safety-threatening acts such as climbing over the platform. The background staff on duty can also give accurate voice reminders to passengers on the bus stop platform through the IP digital broadcasting system.

The real-time management of bus stop platforms through Tiamaes’ unattended BRT monitoring and management platform both gives a better experience for waiting passengers and improves the management efficiency of public transport enterprises. Through this system, a single person can manage more than 10 bus stop platforms, which reduce greatly the operating costs and contributes to the digital management of enterprises.


Moreover, Tiamaes Technology has built a new energy vehicle charging operation and management platform for Hefei Public Transport Group. Thanks to the integrated application of data from multiple systems such as the charging management platform, the Group can optimize the charging operation strategy and make reasonable use of the low-price electricity in low load period, thereby reducing substantially the charging cost for enterprises. 


Tiamaes Technology is advancing in the field of intelligent public transport, providing professional IT-based and digital solutions for public transport enterprises. Going forward, Tiamaes Technology will continue to help public transport enterprises realize transformation and breakthrough through scientific and technological innovation, enable them to achieve high-quality development, and contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

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