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On March 22, 2022, Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology Co., Ltd. received a thank-you letter from Zhangjiakou Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. In the letter, the customer thanked Tiamaes Technology for its support to Zhangjiakou Public Transport Group during the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and spoke highly of Tiamaes Technology’s technical strength and service quality!




The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games came to a successful conclusion, and Zhangjiakou Public Transport Group accomplished the tasks of transportation support for competition venues in Zhangjiakou. The highly skilled participating staff who worked diligently to ensure smooth venue operation won high praise from the Organizing Committee. This honor shall also be shared by Tiamaes scientists and technicians. 


The Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were characterized by a long duration, heavy tasks and tight deadline. To better provide technical support and services and ensure the operation of the platform and equipment, Tiamaes Technology put engineers on standby at the site 24/7, and arranged technical engineers to provide remote assistance. Regardless of the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, the technicians worked hard to deploy the bus dispatching system in the shortest possible time and put in place safety measures to ensure smooth transport.




 Shortly after the beginning of the games, the Organizing Committee raised an urgent need: to help the athletes and staff judge know when to get off the bus, the equipment must be equipped with bilingual bus stop announcement and prompt functions. Tiamaes engineers worked overtime to bring off the task on time.


Heavy snow weather was a frequent occurrence during the games. Tiamaes’ on-board intelligent dispatching terminals played an important role as they can realize real-time communication with the dispatcher, becoming an important tool for the dispatcher to keep drivers abreast of road conditions. This significantly reduced the probability of traffic accidents. Through the background platform, it is possible to remotely view the current vehicle location and travelling track, as well as the monitoring video of vehicles in real time, ensuring transport safety in the game areas. This must be attributed to Tiamaes engineers who worked day and night to ensure the normal operation of the platform and equipment.


For Tiamaes Technology, the customer’s recognition is the best affirmation and their praise is the greatest encouragement. Tiamaes Technology will continue to put the customer first, work hard to realize customer value, and provide better products and services for the industry.

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