Tiamaes Technology helps standardization construction of bus station at Shenzhen East Railway Station, setting a new benchmark
Source:Tianmai Writer:Tianmai Time:2022-06-01 13:58:02

To improve the “safe operation environment”, Shenzhen Eastern Bus intended to transform the Xinhe standardized station into a new benchmark with high standards and high quality on the basis of the current standardized bus stations. While improving the operation support capacity, it fulfills the commitment of preserving the best location, best facilities and the most comfortable environment in the station for front-line personnel. The upgraded Xinhe station will be equipped with renovated parking area, car wash area, maintenance workshop, office area and others with the most productive layout. The beautiful, high-quality station embodies the ideas of safety, people-centered service, scientific operation and energy saving. It meets the requirements of safe operation, care for employee, scientific layout of functional areas, and upgraded environmental quality.




In addition to infrastructure upgrading, Shenzhen Eastern Bus also adopts Tiamaes Technology’s intelligent integrated station management platform to upgrade the station software. The integrated station management platform creates the enterprise standard access protocol and links various types of cameras in the station to achieve unified management of station videos and improve management efficiency. Through the enterprise standard access protocol, the platform can realize seamless connection of equipment made by various manufacturers of equipment like barrier gates, so as to realize video surveillance of the entire station, vehicle & personnel access management and other functions. The management of the station through one network improves the security management and control capabilities.




The professionalism of Tiamaes’ intelligent integrated station management platform is evidenced by both the comprehensive safety management of the station and the comprehensive station management, station service management, and station resource management. Through these functions, it provides professional tools for station management for public transport enterprises, and realizes the connectivity of equipment in the station, as well as data sharing among the stations, so as to build a intelligent station featuring safety control, better service and resource utilization. 

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