Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology leverages Internet and big data to empower the development of intelligent public transport
Source:Tianmai Writer:Tianmai Time:2020-09-03 14:05:51

 The annual Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Market Seminar was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on August 18, 2020. In addition to the main forum, other parallel sessions were held, on the themes including intelligent public transport forum, vehicle-infrastructure collaboration & intelligent transportation industry, traffic light control, autonomous driving & vehicle-infrastructure collaboration, and the intelligent expressway. Experts and scholars from various industries as well as leaders of the leading public transport enterprises were invited to the seminar. The participants delivered wonderful speeches based on the latest technology and business model, in line with the characteristics of different industries.

Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology is a well-known enterprise that has developed intelligent public transport for more than ten years, and its core solutions are widely used in the public transport industry in cities nationwide. It market share is in the forefront of the industry. Its products including intelligent dispatching products are in use in most provincial capital cities in the country. It has expanded into new fields in recent years, and made new progress in the fields of TOCC, taxis, and the “two passenger-transport means and one hazardous-chemical-transport means”. Tiamaes Technology was named one of China’s Top Ten Outstanding Intelligent Public Transport Enterprises in 2019, and its leader made a keynote speech at the intelligent public transport sub-forum.




At the intelligent public transport sub-forum, Qu Hua, assistant to the Chairman of Tiamaes Technology, gave a keynote speech entitled “New Public Transport Operation Model in the Context of Internet and Big Data”. He elaborated on the new mode of public transport operation based on the Internet and big data in five aspects: Internet + big data for enabling intelligent public transport travel, demand response based on intelligent scheduling and automatic scheduling, Internet + big data for enabling intelligent public transport operation, Internet + big data for aiding public transport operation decision-making, and Internet + big data for enabling public transport enterprises. He also explained how Tiamaes has achieved technological innovation and service upgrading through technologies such as the internet + big data in order to promote the digitization transition of the public transport industry.


At the end of the conference, Tiamaes Technology left with a number of honors. Tiamaes Technology will continue to apply new technologies, new products and new concepts to the field of urban public transport, explore and innovate the mode of Internet + transportation operation, make innovation with data, drive the industrial upgrading with innovation, and help build a digital and intelligent public transport industry.


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