Tiamaes Technology joins Baidu’s Apollo ecosystem to facilitate urban intelligent transportation
Source:Tianmai Writer:Tianmai Time:2020-05-08 13:53:44

 On May 8, 2020, Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology Co., Ltd. officially joined Baidu’s Apollo intelligent transportation ecosystem. Tiamaes Technology and Baidu will give full play to the respective strengths as a high-tech Internet enterprise and a well-established transportation enterprise respectively through the cooperation in complementary resources and technologies, and form a technology alliance to provide comprehensive, systematic and reliable solutions for intelligent transportation, autonomous driving and intelligent connected vehicle industries.





Founded in 2004, Tiamaes Technology is a well-known provider of intelligent transportation solutions in China and a representative enterprise in the field of intelligent public transport. Since its establishment, Tiamaes Technology has participated in the formulation of 21 intelligent transportation industrial standards, and has built a business structure in which the application of Internet of Vehicles is the focus and the overall urban transportation solution is the knockout product, covering the transportation segments of taxi, freight transport and special vehicles. Currently, its business scope covers over 600 public transport companies worldwide, and its market share of intelligent bus dispatching system and series products is one of the largest in the industry.

Baidu is a world-leading AI platform company, and Apollo is a bellwether in intelligent transportation and autonomous driving field in China. Since its launch, the Apollo has become an open platform for its three business pillars of autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, and intelligent connected vehicles. Baidu’s Apollo ecosystem has expanded since the beginning of this year, with the number of Apollo ecosystem partners increasing from over 170 at the end of last year to nearly 200 now. Apollo’s application is expanding from autonomous driving to intelligent transportation, including intelligent public transport, intelligent signal control, traffic management and other vertical areas.

In April this year, Apollo released the “ACE transportation engine”, which is the world’s first full-stack intelligent transportation solution that integrates driving, road and mobility. The “ACE transportation engine” uses basic setting such as “vehicle, road, cloud, and map” as the digital base, and regards autonomous driving and vehicle-infrastructure collaboration as the two technology engines. It can drive the terminal applications including intelligent signal control, intelligent parking, traffic governance, intelligent public transport, intelligent freight transport, intelligent connected vehicles, intelligent taxi, autonomous parking, and park species. Currently, the “ACE transportation engine” has been in use in over 10 cities including Changsha, Beijing, Baoding, Chongqing, Hefei, Yangquan, and Nanjing.

Tiamaes Technology’s participation in the Apollo ecosystem is an important move for Apollo to facilitate innovative transportation applications such as intelligent public transport, ITS and Internet of Vehicles on the basis of the “ACE transportation engine”. Tiamaes Technology will leverage its resources as a well-established enterprise in the transportation industry to speed up the integration of Apollo’s leading AI, autonomous driving with vehicle-infrastructure collaboration technology and public transport application scenarios, set up an industry-leading benchmark for public transport application scenarios, and enhance the influence of “ACE transportation engine” in intelligent transportation and intelligent public transport segments.

Intelligent public transport is a typical application of “ACE transportation engine” on 1+2+N scenarios. The future intelligent public transport solution oriented to urban open roads can serve a whole variety of urban public transport scenarios. Equipped with world-leading AI, autonomous driving and vehicle-infrastructure collaboration technologies, the intelligently operated buses can run day and night despite the complexity of urban roads, thereby meeting the needs of passengers for all-weather travel, and making urban public transport services safer, more convenient and more intelligent.

Transportation is the main artery of urban economy. The economic sector related to transportation and logistics accounts for over 15% of China’s yearly GDP. Therefore, improvements in safety and efficiency of traffic brought by intelligent upgrading can bring tremendous social and economic benefits. Guided by major national development strategies such as building China’s strength in transportation and the new infrastructure construction, there is an urgent need for building an intelligent urban transportation system. Based on the trends of industrial development, Tiamaes Technology has joined Baidu’s Apollo transportation ecosystem to jointly make city operation more efficient and the life better.

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