The 2018 International Symposium on Urban Development and Public Transport held in Zhengzhou
Source:Tianmai Writer:Tianmai Time:2018-08-13 13:41:20

 The “2018 International Symposium on Urban Development and Public Transport” was held at Zhengzhou Glory Hotel on July 28, 2018. Over 130 experts and scholars representing universities, think tanks and research institutes in the United States, Australia, and the Chinese cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and others attended the symposium.




The symposium was chaired by Dr. Ding Chengri, a professor at the University of Maryland. Han Guohe, Vice President of Zhengzhou University, and Guo Jianguo, Vice President of Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology Co., Ltd., delivered speeches.




At the symposium with the theme of “Urban Development and Public Transport”, participants shared the theories on promoting sustainable urban development through urban public transport as well as the international experiences and success stories, discussed urban transport and urban development, and public transport-oriented urban development models, and shared their innovation and exploration efforts in urban public transport technology, management, and models.

Urban development and public transport are two crucial topics and content of sustainable urban development. These two are global topics, but are also of special significance to China. China is in a period of rapid urbanization, with 200 million to 300 million rural people expected to move to cities and towns in the next 20 to 30 years. China’s urbanization rate will reach 65%-70%, denoting an urban population of 800 million to 900 million. The theories and the global urban development both reveal that a big chunk of China’s 800 million to 900 million urban people are living in big cities, ultra-big cities, and megacities. Obviously, the extent of China’s urbanization and urban development is unprecedented, and the challenges that China faces and will face are also enormous. The problems resulting from rapid urbanization cover urban housing, urban transportation, urban environment, and urban governance. How to tackle the challenges and problems facing urban development has a direct bearing on the sustainable development of cities.




In the face of the new circumstances and new tasks, we should bear in mind the development of the national undertaking and the development of the modern transportation industry, have a thorough understanding of the importance and urgency of prioritizing the development of urban public transport, and participate actively in building intelligent urban public transport.

As a provider of the solutions for intelligent city, intelligent transport and intelligent charging, Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions. As a modern high-tech enterprise, the company stands at the forefront of information technology, and create high-tech products to serve the urban public transport industry.

“Technological innovation are aimed for serving transportation”. Tiamaes Technology has been working to study, serve and promote urban public transport. Going forward, Tiamaes Technology will deal with the major challenges and problems facing cities and urban public transport in view of the global high-tech development trend. Guided by top-level national planning in the fields of new energy vehicles, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G mobile communications and other fields, the company will conduct in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes including Zhengzhou University, so as to speed up the commercialization and marketization of high and new technologies. The company will continue its scientific and technological innovations in the field of urban construction and urban public transport, enhance its scientific and technological R&D capabilities, and improve product and service quality, to provide valuable intelligent transport solutions for urban public transport. The company will work with public transport enterprises to achieve win-win results in more areas, and contribute more to the realization of the great Chinese Dream.

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