Tiamaes GPS intelligent dispatching system is on the basis of summarizing the experience of the traditional
dispatching,using GPS satellite positioning technology, computer technology, GIS electronic map technology
and science electronic technology, and GPRS/WCDMA / 3G wireless communication network as a bridge,based
on theory of public transportenterprise operating management,bus intelligent dynamic dispatching and monitoring
system.Realize real-time monitoringto monitored buses in the whole process of the vehicle tracking,automatic
scheduling,intelligent scheduling,statistical decision and information release etc. full automatic management,
is the basic protection of the bus companies building modern public transportation.

Operation and supervision
Real time monitoring

Has three ways such as video monitoring,simulation monitoring,GIS electronic map monitoring,conduct a
comprehensive,real-time, intuitive monitoring to the running situation of vehicle.
Real-time monitor the video information in vehicle,support the functions of monitoring,video and voice storage
and 3G wireless uploading.The system can clearly record the conditions inside and outside of the operational
vehicle(includes driver workingarea,coin box,up-down door,vehicle inside and outside conditions in the driving
process,personnel action status),includes images,voice,time tips and signs,the same time can provide the functions
of 3G communication wireless uploading,can realize video ondemand,query the playback,system operation is safe,
stable and reliable.

Basic functions
Video stack information function:can stack the line,bus NO.(NO. By themselves),channel information,time information
to video pictures,make the file more has the trace ability,also can fast forward,fast backward,pause/play and so on.
Video backup functions: video on-board device uses SD card seismic storage,by the means of plugging and replacing
SD cardrealize backup,Support plug-in DVR,through plugging mobile storage devices for backup,local hard drive
supports the working manner of cycle coverage.
Events trigger video function:support vehicle main switch and other time to start the video function,support delay
shutdown video function, you can customize recording video within a specified time after the vehicle is shutdown.
Display function,image display format: multi-images split screen,automatic cycle switch, alarm trigger switch,can adjust
the bright degree,contrast,hue,saturation and sharpness of each way video independently.
Remote uploading video monitoring information function:uploading function of providing video monitoring information by
3G communication network
Realize data importing and exporting,uploading and downloading through USB cable interface or 3G/WIFI wireless
Real-time display route electric line list,departure times plan the whole day,line current departure times statistic,line
departurecompletion rate,total number of vehicles,real-time operational vehicles,vehicle position number,line
number,driver name,vehicle speed,vehicle status,whether reach station,departure time and so on,By sending
message,voice dispatching command or hands-free calls complete the vehicle dispatching,When vehicle enter the
final area,the system will send the operational vehicle times and the departure time of next shift to the vehicle-mounted
device and the same time dispatching screen of court will display the departure time.
Display the real-time location and speed information of all vehicles in the dispatching area,can effectively eliminate
the phenomenon of positioning data drift,can monitor vehicles during 24 hours,can query the operational condition of
driving vehicles at any time and place,any time can change departure time,departure internal,driving times,vehicle
status,request and receive calls through clicking the right key menu.
Operation management
System can accomplish managing all kinds of information of public transport operation management,such as company
nature,branch nature,vehicle fleet attribute, line attributes,stop characteristics,site attributes, drive type,driver
information, safety record, service quality evaluation record,leave type, oil type and model information, vehicle
information, maintenance type, fault type, etc., to set up, add about the above information.The system automatically
records the whole process of vehicle running, without any manual operation enter and leave courts, all kinds of
mileage statistics are accurate,in the event of offline, halfway back, temporary diversions, arbitrary interval, and so on,
system automatically guarantee mileage integrity,without artificial modification.Will record the information of
departure information, sign point information, the vehicle's running kilometers, empty on km, operation times, in and
out of the courtyard time, in and out of the station time, time of opening and shutdown doors, automatic attendance,
early and or late time statistics, illegal statistics, vehicle status, the passenger flow data, of road average speed in
each period, road real-time traffic capacity, and automatically generate the corresponding statements, provide the
accurate data basis for public transport establishing scientific and reasonable vehicle scheduling.
In actual operation, when the driver has the action of overspeed and don’t open and shutdown doors in accordance
with the provisions,directly remind the driver by the form of text and voice,timely inform the driver to terminate
irregularities, form the related record and report.
Save and upload the history data of the vehicle sites,facilitate vehicle operational data analysis,save and upload
fault history record of vehicle-mounted machine,facilitate diagnosing malfunction of on-board machine.
Automatic/manual switch stops (10 lines),sampling frequency 16 KHZ,rate 128 KB/s,MP3, 32 digital adjustable
volume, three-way output each 20 w.
Electronic fence can be set up,in case of vehicle offline,speeding,or not leave stop on time when enter stop,the
system will remind the dispatcher and driver by voice alarm,ask them to comply with the traffic plan,can
effectively put an end to the phenomenon,such as not accurate start,overspeed,bypass, delay time departure,no
stop arriving station.
Support online to CAN coin box,authorize to the coin box lock,and also record the unlock report.

Service management
Automatic statistics of vehicles first and last punctuality
Automatic statistics of vehicles punctuality in all sites and periods
Provide vehicles plan time,departure information,sign,and into the playing time, passenger
mileage,empty mileage,operation speed,etc Detailed data.
Can inquire the trajectory of upward and downward lines,site location.
Support single line and multi-line display

Site information collection
Gather the geographic information data such as line sites,in and out of the sites,speed limit,special voice stops,it can
generate electronic map and virtual circuit diagram(line site straight line chart)according to these geographic
information,and also can modify the electronic at any time according to the circuit and site changes.

Service management

Speeding tip:Can fully monitor whether the operating vehicle is speeding,the system can preset the lines according to
the safety level and download to vehicle-mounted terminal,if the driver is speeding,vehicle controller terminal will
immediately issued a voice remind”speeding,please slow down”,the same time the dispatching center will record the
record and the summary of illegal behavior.Real-time report the events such as fault,traffic jam,accident,alarm,
refueling to dispatch center,can query the vehicle trajectory according to different times,lines and vehicle
numbers,when playback the vehicle trajectory the same time display the status of vehicle nonoperational,
overspeed,traffic jam,fault and so on.
Door control warning:when the vehicle is moving and still has speed,the door can not be opened,when the back door
is not closed but the vehicle has started,will have the alarm remind voice and will be prompted with”close the back
door,please note”,reduce the vehicle door accidents and ensure the vehicle safety.
Special weather tip:in the special climatic conditions”rain,snow,etc.”safe driving auxiliary prompt,the voice prompt
content of security services can be set and changed by users.
Vehicle system has alarm function keys, and real-time display the information such as vehicle
failure,accident,alarm,overspeed,traffic jam, maintenance.Encounter accident,traffic jam,fault or emergency,can
send short message by GPS vehicle terminals,at the same time to send the dispatch center and designated mobile
phone numbers.Also can reflect to the dispatching center through hands-free vehicle phones.Vehicle terminal can
be connected with interior systems through the CAN system,can read the interior temperature of vehicle,
odometer data,accumulated mileage of vehicle,working condition of engine and so on.

Temporary repair
Electronic map combined with repair service function in the vehicle system,can realize the vehicle warranty
processing.If the vehicle has technical problems during in the process of running, lead to can't operate normally ,
pressing the function key can send the repair information to control center or sites , after verification, the vehicle
immediately quit from the operating system.

Report generation
Automatic statistic daily,monthly and annual reports of the vehicle operation attendance, trip times, early and late
time, vehicles peccancy, passenger miles, empty miles.

Driver management
Driver attendance sign in and out by crediting card on the vehicle terminal.
Assessment in the operating process has always been the focus of public transport management
Intelligent scheduling system achieve intelligence of assessment during the operating process.About violation of
company policies such as driving overspeed,non-stop in station, halfway back, off-line driving the system will
automatically car number, time, location, speed and other customs information analysis results automatically record
the relative information e.g. Vehicle number,time,place,speed and analysis,also can undertake trajectory
playback,query actual operation lines, forming a basis for driver management.
Intelligent dispatching

Plan management
Setting and management of company number,line number,vehicle number,part number,vehicle model,start area,big
bus,operating status. Support predefined vehicle routes setting and part plan,can set the execution time.
User authorization management
System has multi-stage user authorization management: realize the access to the system, user password
management,can set the operating basic data such as the corporate sector,lines, vehicles and drivers and query
management,complete access the department data and transit services,has flexible,convenient authorization
adjustable ways,convenient for system administrator to assign permissions,strictly distinguish the user's authority
level,to ensure the security of the system or data.System should provide the functions of setting permissions,
distribution,recovery for permission levels,and can add, delete, modify, query the user information,including the
database access control,user access control of system.

Departure scheme generation
Support the formulation of basic departure plans,the initialization and modification of daily departure
scheme,execution and queries of the dispatching command,According to the operation data
gathered,implementing flexible departure and safety management activities to any unit,road team,vehicle or other
options,and can automatically generate the corresponding report forms,as the reference basis of all levels of
leadership making decision.

Dispatching screen management

Manage all kinds of basic information of scheduling screen,such as name and serial number.Manage the parameters
such as lines of dispatching screen and support editing dispatching screen line number,orientation.Real-time release
the departure plan to the scene scheduling screen,including the departure condition,the screen can display line
number,vehicle number,departure time and so on.LED display can display single line also can be multi-screen rolling

Log management
Support operator inputting operation special cases such as line, time, place, incident etc.
Electrical route list management
System can automatically record,statistic and assess the road records through the vehicle-mounted device,the
accuracy can reach 100%.
System supports query,statistic and printing management for the route records of every driver.
Through the data of vehicle operating speed,accident records input and service quality assessment,we can assess
the drivers comprehensively.
Using electrical road records can real-time record the operational times information,convenient to dispatch the vehicle for

Line,station,site management
Support the adding,modifying and deleting of line GIS information and site GIS information.
SIM card management
Support the time query for SIM card storage time, number information, turn-on time and cost due,support SIM card
issuing information,SIM card renewal,SIM card off number,SIM card account information management.

Vehicle-mounted device management

1)Vehicle-mounted device repair management
Support the input and management of vehicle device number,line number,maintenance,vehicle
number,maintenance date,fault phenomenon,treatment method,whether repairing
2)Vehicle device repair request management
Support the repair request input and management of vehicle device number,line number,maintenance,vehicle
number,maintenance date,fault phenomenon,treatment method.
Automatically layout the departure plan
Automatically plan and schedule,manually adjust the scheduling,timely scheduling,and daily passenger traffic
management to the operational vehicle.

Big interval detection
The system can detect the big interval automatically and calculate the reasonable departure intervals for scheduling
Artificial auxiliary scheduling
System can calculate the optimal departure interval and departure time according to the predetermined scheduling
rules,provide scheduling reference data for dispatcher.
Voice,short message scheduling
System complete the vehicle scheduling through sending messages,voice dispatching command,or call.Vehicles enter
the final area,the system will send the operational times of vehicle and the departure point of next shift to the vehicle
terminal,courtyard scheduling screen will display the departure time.
Realize double-talk between the dispatcher and the driver,and also can send the voice message such as acceleration
or deceleration to vehicle through single bus or multi-bus means to schedule and control the vehicle,support voice

GSM calls and IP intercom communication at the same time, the vehicle device can real-time communicate with the
dispatching center through dial-up, dispatching center can also dial the vehicle device to communicate.Call business
is controlled by the background, customized phone book function, a key dial-up, and limited call with people within
the limited area.
Emergent Fault
1.Support site planning, the interval point and custom scheduling scheme, and are free to adjust the number of
vehicles of the line.
2.Meticulous and overall plan, the system is based on the principle of rigid scheduling,first-in,first-out, part priority,
instant covering,and adjust the plan on its own.In event of emergency, holidays motor vehicles, temporary supportive
vehicles to be added to the line departure program,the system allows to make temporary changes about departure
plan.According to the line condition can casually increase or reduce the operating vehicles, at different times
equilibrium to start as planned.

Vehicle remote scheduling
1. The system operating has a friendly design, aiming at temporarily adjusting the vehicles in the filed area, from the
menu of selected vehicle can call with vehicles, send voice dispatch instructions, change the operating status and
other functions. If need temporarily change the line of the vehicle, you can wireless download via remote, one-key
operating the line and site information on the vehicle, IC fare adjustment,line replacement of computer stops
device,line conversion of front and rear screen, real-time change or adjust the timing settings.
2.Support for remote line changes, a reasonable allocation of vehicles, improving vehicle operating efficiency.Realtime
two-way communication,and can send the voice short message such as acceleration and deceleration to
dispatch the vehicles through the the way of single bus or mass SMS.Encounter accidents, traffic jams, failure or
emergency situations,we can send text messages to the dispatch center and the designated phone number to
report the condition through the GPS vehicle terminal. Also be reflected to the dispatch center by vehicle hands-free

Automatically generate traffic assignment plan

The system has the functions of automatically generating traffic operations plan (running schedule) and multi-level
audit and query in accordance with the basic data and relevant historical data.And can real-time detect the vehicle
operation interval, based on current road conditions and line operations automatically calculates the departure
interval recommendations and reminds dispatching reasonable allocation. Operations scheduling plan has a flexible
schedule adjustment function in accordance with the conditions manual input.
Expanding functions

Passenger flow guide and information release system
Information distribution system includes electronic stop sign, voice scheduling screen, Internet and mobile Internet
queries and so on. By electronic stop sign, LCD TV,WAP mobile phone network and Internet can real-time query
vehicle location, transfer information and line information,facilitate travel of citizen,also improve the public
transport service level and taste and life taste and development of urban life.
City bus electronic stop sign system is an important part of the digital intelligent transportation systems,through
the electronic stop sign,able to convey timely information of the public bus arriving station,bus line adjustment
information,news and weather information. Passengers and the public can timely know the bus arrival
information,line adjustment notice,and other information via electronic stop sign,to meet travel needs of
passengers in favor of rational management of urban public transportation, convenient scheduling arrangement of
travelers,but also is an effective means that operating companies to provide a good service to the passenger,
enhance their visibility, introduces and promote corporate image, is necessary intelligent transportation facilities to
build a modern digital city .
Voice dispatching device screen
Equipment functions: mainly display departure vehicle information,line number,time,
etc.,and also provides the voice prompt.

 Main functions of the electronic stop
Including vehicle line number, vehicle number and distance from this station information, electronic bus stop can turn
show up to 30 lines information, 2-8 bus lines per screen.
Can display other promotional information according to need,support a variety of ways display such as scrolling
display .
Wifi GPRS/CDMA transmission,timing refresh and quantitative refresh,parameter can be adjusted randomly. Has
the breakdown self check function,regularly or irregularly remote self-test by remote dispatching center,the same
time send the fault detection reports to the dispatching center. Stop sign is stable,reliable,and software programs
can support 1000 stop signs are online at the same time. Mobile phone network system using mobile information

technology to help improve the social image of city buses and using modern wireless communications technology to
solve the bus station inquiry,line queries,sites inquiries and other needs and realize the people through SMS, WAP
and client forms, check bus arrival, the bus lines, the site information. Based on the convenience of the people travel,
focusing on the overall of wireless urban planning, follow the road of standardization and information management.

Analysis of road traffic capacity
Provide fast, safe, reliable service is the most important indicator for bus companies operate. Mai-day road capacity
analysis system, real-time monitoring of urban congestion points and low capacity sections, showing the various
congestion points and the low road capacity on the big screen and the dispatch center GIS maps, reminding
dispatchers respond promptly, through bypass , U-turn means the unified deployment, fast scheduling buses,
passenger timely diversion to avoid the large number of stranded passengers. Ensure urban traffic flow.
Providing fast,safe and reliable service is the most important operational indicator for the public transport
enterprises,Tiamaes road traffic capacity analysis system can real-time monitor the congestion points and the low
capacity sections,showing the various congestion points and the low road capacity on the big screen of dispatch
center and GIS maps,reminding dispatchers respond promptly, through bypass , U-turn means unified
deployment,fast scheduling buses,passenger timely diversion to avoid the large number of stranded passengers and
ensure urban traffic flow.

Passenger flow statistic analysis
Tiamaes passenger investigator system can get the accurate traffic data through tripartite devices such as the
passenger investigator,coin box traffic statistics equipment,IC card swipe machines provided data and a
comprehensive comparative analysis of data.This system can not only effectively real-time monitor the passengers
number of vehicles,the vehicle load factor,section load factor of the bus station, the line average load factor, etc.,
can also be combined with GIS geographic information system to learn population distribution of urban
travel,passenger flow concentration, the site section passenger of the peak, passenger flow direction,passenger
corridor,can play a positive role for urban planning, urban sustainable development and green travel .

Line planing and line assessment
Through traffic data,site repetition rate,line merits coefficient data to effectively and scientifically plan the lines
and assess the exiting urban road traffic capacity and the transfer capacity and the same time adjust and predict
the line operation plans timely and scientifically to maximize enhance public transport capacity.The system
provides the function of auxiliary line planning and line assessment, provide planning for opening new
lines,comprehensively evaluate and analysis the reasonableness of the existing lines according to passenger traffic,
time load factor,income every one hundred kilometers and to provide scientific data and strong support for the
final decision.

Operational statistic and management analysis statistic
The system completes to set,add,query a variability of information during the process of public operational
management such as fuel type,vehicle type information,vehicle information,maintenance type,fault type and so
on.The system automatically records the whole operation process of the vehicle,without any manual operation when
entry and exit. All kinds of kilometers are accurate statistics,in the case of off-line,half-way U-turn,temporary
diversions, arbitrary intervals and so on,the system can automatically guarantee the kilometers integrity,no need
manual modifications.

Public transport GPS operational reporting system
The system can provide the operational data details such as the vehicle scheduled time,departure information,sign
point information,time of entry and exit, passenger miles,deadhead kilometers, operational speed and so on.And
automatically statistic the vehicle operating attendance of each line,trip times, early or late point times,vehicle
violation, passenger miles,first and last time of vehicle, punctuality rate of vehicle, speed alarm, daily report,monthly
report and annual report of deadhead miles.

Data analysis
Tiamaes GPS intelligent scheduling system can not only provide the basic functions of intelligent scheduling system
to meet the daily needs of the bus schedule,but also can use all kinds of data collected by the GPS intelligent
scheduling system,analyze the data and provide strong support for bus operators.
Provide the operational data details such as vehicles scheduled time,departure information,sign point
information,time of entry and exit, passenger miles,deadhead miles,operating speed and so on,and automatically
statistic the daily report,monthly report and annual report of the vehicle operating attendance of each line, trip
times, early or late point times,vehicle violation, passenger miles,deadhead kilometers,automatically statistic vehicle
first and last punctuality rate,automatically statistic the correct execution rate of vehicle scheduling
instruction,automatically statistic the effective working time of drivers, according to point settings provides the
detailed report of each period and vehicles arrival of site.

Automatically generate vehicles operating km,non-operating km,operating income,shift frequency, fuel
consumption,maintenance costs reports,the system can distinguish between vehicle operating and non-operating
state,and formulate the statistics report of operating miles,and statistic operating costs according to miles,fuel
consumption,maintenance costs,accurately assess driver's job performance, automatically record mileage and
schedules,operating and non-operating miles,chartered vehicle,no need road staff,automatically statistic vehicles
punctuality rate of each time and site,speeding alarm, providing speed limit between the stations,the system can
form vehicle maintenance plan based on operating mileage.

According to line parameters such as passenger flow data,line length,vehicle number,proceed traffic dynamic
analysis,transfer capacity configuration analysis and operation production organization analysis according to the
passenger flow data,formulate passenger flow charts,the site sections traffic charts,morning and evening peak
transfer capacity configuration diagram and all-day transfer capacity configuration diagrams and form a line
spacing plan according to passenger flow data.According to data accumulated by vehicle device counter complete
operating plan,lines configuration,departure plans and so on.

The system has the function of storing various operating data,according to the operational data collected in
accordance with arbitrary units, roads types,vehicle or other options to implement management activities such as
flexible passenger transportation,security,and can automatically generate the appropriate reports or management
model, as a reference for all levels of leaders making decision,processing and analysis can be based on historical
data records after a certain accumulation, the formation of such trips execution rate,departure punctuality
rate,arrival punctuality rate,the time of lag station,speeding information,anchored rate,machine failure rate,small
repair frequency and intact vehicle rate and so on,such as vehicle trips rate analysis,traffic plans to complete the
analysis, the vehicle stops time analysis,passenger numbers analysis,fuel consumption analysis,operations,
deadhead,miles analysis,abnormal door switch analysis,failure analysis and accident analysis,and gradually
generate scientific and scheduling management model to guide traffic to generate reasonable scientific plan and
provide the basis for the government industry management department formulating service standards of bus

CAN bus system
Tiamaes GPS intelligent transportation scheduling system,its hardware device uses the international standard invehicle
CAN network bus, the bus is specially designed for connection to in-vehicle electronic devices,has strong
scalability,and has characters such as fast transmission speed,large transmission, anti-jamming and so on.and work
online with GPS vehicle terminal,bus stop,section station apparatus, traffic condition monitor, in-vehicle/external
rolling screen,front screen,IC card swipe machines,vehicle video equipment. You can also interconnect with the
existing old equipment,when vehicle equipment needs be upgraded or when adding a new device,you only need be
access to the network port,can achieve data sharing,forming a small vehicle LAN. Avoided when adding new
equipment and new systems,old-board equipment and systems being used are eliminated because could not match
the system.
CAN bus system has the following functions:realize bus-stop of stop announcer and section station apparatus and
vehicle audio broadcast automatically converted,passenger flow instigator data uploading,vehicle video equipment
data pass back,IC card swipe machine fare and black list wireless uploading and downloading,interior/external scroll
screen real-time information updating,lines on front panel remote changes,box record data of coin box
returning.Driving status monitor can monitor the vehicle fuel,vehicle temperature,lighting conditions and storage
battery of vehicle,via GPS vehicle terminal can real-time return back the relevant data,the system also reserve the
interface for Euro III standard vehicle and lay the foundation for future engine condition data real-time transmission.
And seamlessly integrated with ERP information management system, to avoid the formation of data island
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