Product background
With rapid development of urban economy,the city scale expands unceasingly,vehicle ownership and road traffic flow has
increased dramatically.Especially inbig cities,vehicles increasing,line extension,bus shifts increasing,traffic operation
impeded conditions are increasingly prominent,traffic congestion phenomenon isvery serious,brings great inconvenience
for the public,and seriously hindered thedevelopment of social economy.Many years practical experience at home and
abroad shows that,the important way to solve the problem of urban traffic congestion is the development of public transport .
At present domestic bus companies mainly rely on management experience and intuition to develop operational plans.
Although experience-based decision-making is able to grasp the characteristics of bus passenger change to some extent,
but the correctness and scientificity of formulated operation plans are not guaranteed,which is not only a waste of corporate
resources and make economic decline,but also give anegative impact to the city traffic environment and economic development.
Product brief introduction
Our company form a mature system for TM8206 he front passenger statistics,  background scheduling system for
passenger traffic analysis and application.TM8206 is installed in every bus, respectively statistics the number of passengers
getting on and off at front and rear doors.Passenger  flow data can be real-time uploaded to the backgrounddatabase for
storage,passenger flow analysis and automated scheduling system will make multi-dimensional statistical reports,analysis
reports based ontraffic data,Auxiliarily support public transportation  network optimization and planning,in the monitoring
terminal it will display passenger flow data and load factor,meet the real-time scheduling, through mobile query software
to view the passengernumber on bus and comfort.
Functional characteristics
1.Sation and route passenger flow analysis
The system can statistic and analyze the passenger  flow of bus station and bus routes
according to peak and flat peak periods,combined with site section load factor, passenger flow getting on or off the bus peak
analysis at stations,can use the shuttle buses,main station express buses to transport passenger flow quickly,to optimize
the route departure interval and reasonablely allocate capacity.
2.Passenger distribution point
Through the study of the statistics and analysis of regional traffic, passenger flow distribution points are calculated,which
will provides decision-making support for line optimization and the new line opening up. 
3.Passenger flow application
Based passenger flow statistic and analysis data,we can receive the optimal departure interval of lines,then combined with
the data of the lines length,road capacity,needed time vehicle running a trip,calculate the minimum bus number of a route,
drivers,thus reasonablely arrange lines departure plans,develop driver scheduling plan,optimize the allocation of resources,
improve line productivity.
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