Product background

With rapid development of China's economy,constantly improved of the urbanization level,urban traffic problems have become one of the probems that public increasingly concerned,and seriously restricts the development of many cities in our country.To develop a set of complete bus scheduling big screen monitoring platform facing management challenges of transport sector,we can realize the following functions,the panoramic view of bus operating,bus traffic dynamic distribution,bus index real-time monitoring,operation,safety,service,etc.,can form a bus scheduling screen monitoring platform with high-brightness,high-resolution,low power consumption,long life .Product brief introduction Functional characteristics

1.Scheduling:it includes panorama monitoring,simple graph monitoring,key operational indicators monitoring,according to the urban road congestion and ground bus traffic condition for analysis,provide the auxiliary decision basis for optimizing public transit system and reducing the pressure on public transport.

2.Operating:Public transportation general situation,yesterday summary,operation analysis,mainly reflects the whole bus company operating condition,as well as provides the auxiliary decision by means of analyzing the operating history data.

3.Safety:Speeding,abnormal shutdown,contingency plans,policies and regulations, they provide the convenience for regulating bus driver behavior and popularization of emergency knowledge and related policies and regulations.

4.Service:bus satisfaction survey,passenger complaint investigation,vehicle load factors,first and last punctuality,arriving station interval qualified rate,can provide statistical analysis about public transport service quality.Public transport comprehensive operation scheduling monitoring platform is a set of bus operation scheduling monitoring system satisfying various forms of tranport modes combined with advanced  management concepts,it is based on the investigation and research of bus company business management mode in many cities.The system has realized vehicle scheduling,operation,safety,service,strengthen the scheduling of operating vehicle,improve operational efficiency,reduces operating costs at the same time,raises service level scientifically,create a harmonious public bus environment.Successful cases Lanzhou public transport operation monitoring platform

Item Index item Technical parameters requirements
1 Cpu number More than 2 nuclear
2 Memory More than 4G
3 Hard disk More than 100G
4 Operating system Windows Server/Linux
5 Application deployment More than oracle10g

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