Product Overview

TM8707 all-in-one machine (hereinafter referred to as vehicle in device) as vehicle equipment of bus intelligent
dispatching system,it can exchange data through GPRS network and dispatch center, and receives cheduling 
information,control commands and other data that issued by the dispatch center,and real-time upload working 
status and other operating data of vehicle machine.
It uses international standard CAN bus vehicle networks,with functions of electronic equipment on line, GPS vehicle
terminal devices can realize two-way communication with station reporter,front and rear super bright LED electronic
signs,SMS voice terminal,section station apparatus, IC card slot machines and other equipment via CAN bus,can
remote real-time set and change the vehicle lines data,can upload and download credit card records and blacklist
of IC card machine,also can real-time monitor and return the vehicle engine condition data. And in accordance with
the needs of public transport users,you can feel free to add other automotive equipments such as passenger counter
etc., and to achieve interoperability with existing devices,with two-way voice calls and SMS sending and receiving functions.

Product features
Can save 10 lines related data at the same time,traffic lines transfer is convenient(maximum 48 lines transfer)
2. Positioning by GPS module,then timely uploading vehicle location, speed, direction and other information after data
3. When the signal is interrupted (blind),not less than 10000 are stored by first in first out positioning information,
positioning information will be stored after restore communications prescribed upload
4. Real-time report the process of vehicle in and out station,vehicle in and out site and so on.
5. Support program remote upgrade.
6. Report driver attendance record
7. Real-time report failures,traffic jams,accidents,alarm,fuel and other event information to dispatching center.
8. With the functions of automatic voice stops,manual voice stops and slogan voice,propaganda function both inside
and outside of vehicle,has the voice prompt function such as departure instructions,speeding,vehicle alarm, vehicle
accidents, vehicle breakdowns,vehicle turning and so on,it also can adjust the volume of stop announcer.
9. Set and quiry the parameters of vehicle-in device through on-site and background methods,change the running
status of equipments,in order to achieve the best running effect.
10. Receive the background scheduler instruction,remind the drivers to execute dispatching instruction through buzzer
and voice two ways.
11. Arrange vehicle departure time according to the operating  situation,change the shift number and download times
have been operated and other operating information.
12. Upload the passenger numbers of each station with matched passenger flow counter,assisted analysis of the
background traffic,enhance the ability of intelligent scheduling, to maximize the operational efficiency of the vehicle.
13. Receive the front and back distances between vehicles downloaded from background,remind the drivers to adjust
the driving speed,keep the safe distance.
14. Report the abnormal operational incidents,such as open the door when driving,open the door outside the site,no
stop when at station and no opening door when at astation.
15. Save and upload the sites history data of vehicle,conveniently the data analysis of vehicle.
16. Save and upload vehicle machine fault record, to facilitate the operation  fault diagnosis of vehicle machine.
17. Collect the engine data and instruments data of vehicle by CAN network, and real-time upload them to background.
18. Upload the card records and download the blacklist data with IC card equipments on line.
19. When the collection of fare,it is used for unlocking authorization to bus fare box,and reported unlock records.
20. Support for the message sending of dispatching center directly to vehicle-in device,reduce the frequency of calls.
21. Support the data downloading and updating of matched advertisement screen.
22. Information terminal has communication function,contains by restricting, back to dial, automatic answering.,When
the terminalis communicating, the monitoring center will set the only permitted incoming call and outgoing call.





Power input


Input Voltage is+12V~+24V

Operating temperature

-20 ~ 55℃


Storage temperature



Working altitude


–300 ~ 3048 m (10,000 ft)


Transport altitude

–300 ~ 12,192 m (40,000 ft)


Relative humidity



Maximum temperature gradient 



Signal of opening and closing door


Door Closed


Door open

CAN interface

Support 2 way CAN interface

Support 2 way CAN interface

GPS antenna pedestal


Built-in GPS antenna interface

Antenna interface


Used to connect to a wireless network antenna

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