Product specifications
Tiamaes dispatching screen is a kind of LED display screen,can display the texts of departure and
dispatching information,main display content  includes route name,bus number,starting points,real-time
time,operational information and so on,and also can realize the function of voice broadcast and forecast
departure tips.
At present,the main basic display screen is double-line,four-line language scheduling screen,each line
will display 12 characters.LED lamp panel dot pitch of display panel is 7.62.
Product features
1. Can alert the drivers the bus number,departure time of the nearest bus waiting for the departure.
2. Can set the voice tips and remind the drivers through the voice tips such as please send out and 
please be ready to start and so on.
3. Can display operating information for the scene scheduling personnel and drivers.
4. The product should be used with Tiamaes dispatching terminal together.

Power input
Working temperature
-20 ~ 55℃
Storage temperature
CAN interface
Support 1 way CAN interface
Support 2 way CAN interface

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