1. Features
YFJ-503/CMX41 coin sorter is the first high speed coin sorting and detecting machine developed in China which can count and sort coins of different coin diameters.
Based on the dimension and allot of coins, specially developed sensors installed on the coin track can detect, count and identify the coins of different diameters and values to realize the authentication detection. The machine can also calculate the numbers, amount and grand numbers and total value of all the coins. The machine can be configured with external printer for the counting result printout
The YFJ-503 commercial coin sorter and counter processes coins at speeds up to 2,000 coins per minute. Coins are collected in six trays for coin-intensive businesses and Coin hopper capacity 12,000 pieces.
2. Intro
    YFJ-503 coin high-speed clearing and counting machine, is the use of the German company's advanced technology designed to validate, clear and count together of the high-speed clearing machine. Highly efficient heat ventilation with dust vent to ensure smooth and durable operation.  High accuracy by electronics control for Counting process can calculate the amount of each coin, the amount and the total quantity, the total value, and the number of coins, and can store, preset or print all the data. Mechanic designed for heavy duty, strong, durability and easy to use. Suitable for indoor desk use and easy for installation and moveable. 
3. Specs
Technical details:-Identification of coin components using patented sensor technology. System can be customize base on the customer requirement.
-Clearing speed: 2,000 coins/min.
-Coin hopper capacity: 12,000 pieces.
-Clear Coin Diameter: 14-34mm.
-Thickness: ≤ 4mm.
-Clear Coins types: 6 types.
-LED screen: when the operation is finish, the screen    will flashing as a finish signal.
-Automatically stop counting when it satisfy the counting requirement or reach the total batch amount.
-Cancel button available.
-Anti-jamming system. A machine able to automatically reverse rotate.
-Heat Dissipation and dust removal system for heavy    
-Easy maintenance.
Counting method: continuous count, preset stop count, mixed count
Data processing: calculate each type of coins’ quantity and value. And calculate the total quantity and total value. Calculated number of coins and can be displayed, store and print. The maximum batch count is 999,999.
4. Safety
Read manual before operating the machine
When the machine is running, do not open the door to prevent accident.
During coins sorting, do not mixed with other items, such as paper clips, deformed money, tape paper, etc., to prevent damage to the machine and to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.
In the event of a malfunction, be sure to turn off the power before disassembling the machine.
5. Dimensions
Size: 720 (W) × 360 (D) × 450 (H) mm
           Weight: YFJ-503 55 kg (net weight)
           Power consumption: 300W
           Power: AC 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
           Ambient temperature: 0-40 °
           Ambient humidity: 30-75%


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