TM6155 is a concise and beautiful cash box which can be bulk to receive and identify coins, and also has the function of changing. It come together with OLED display, sound and light prompt, driver or user self-service set ticket, ticket income accounting, ticket data upload to the service platform, and etc..





Installation and positioning    Unit:mm


The cash box can be installed beside the driver, or near the door position.

Have to install fuse(24V5A、12V10A) before connecting the power.



Fix the installation position according to the actual situation in this paper , and the drilling screws is Ø8. 
The cash box has a metal body, adopt spray paint technology, there are change export, fake coin export and door on the body, the door has electronic lock and mechanical lock, as well as baffle slots. The fake coin export and change export use of curved arc-shaped design, convenient for user to take away the change or fake coins. The overall design is beautiful and concise, suitability is strong.
Basic Function
Bulk coin validator: 16 coin channels, 5 types coins support, coin Validator speed 6 coins/sec, mixed up to 50 coins, carry out coin clearing, automatic maintenance function, identify fake coin.
Coin change: capacity up to 2000 coins,coins out speed 8-10pcs/sec, two types coin change.
Thermal Printer: Printer support ASCII code, Multilanguage and normal symbol, printer support barcode such as EAN8, EAN13, CODE128, UPC-A, CODE39, ITF, CODEBAR, CODE 93, QR code support
LED Display: 2.4 inch,128 x 64 dot matrix panel. Content display such as Ticket price, amount of receiving money, amount of change, operation state of coin box, coin inner, coin identification, coin change, printer etc.
Keyboard: sixteen key, using high strength stainless steel,More than 2 million times key life
CPU card lock: CPU card is design in according to pboc2.0 standard high security and easy to use.The module can register up to 64 records  and card can save up to 300 records, to ensure that the opening process is record.
Cash bag: Electronic tags can be associated with vehicles, drivers, etc. To record the vehicle & driver information, and related data of the cash box at the same time. Then upload data to platform in real-time when the cash bag is on or off, such as cash bag number, vehicle number, driver number, time of cash bag on/off data.
Communication interface: CAN/RS232/zigbee(选配)
Billing clearance system: Set fares, Coins acceptor, give change, summary report
Alarm: Vibration alarm, movement detection, voltage monitoring, coin changer empty alarm, etc.
Technical index
Electrical parameters
Voltage range:9~36V DC
Working environment temperature range:0℃-60℃
Storage temperature:-20℃~60℃
Storage humidity:10%~90%
Can connect to the power system on the bus 24V or 12V
Dimension: 260cm(length)*442 cm(width)*905 cm(height)






Installation and positioning    Unitmm


The cash box can be installed beside the driver, or near the door position.

Have to install fuse(24V5A12V10A) before connecting the power.

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