Tiamaes CPU card farebox is used for collecting the cash, to avoid the fare loss in vehicle operations, cashier process, ticket container transport and storage etc. With multiple security anti-counterfeiting technology, can export or upload the data through the CAN bus. It possesses the features of beautiful shape, sturdy and durable.

       1. Double S curve and dovetail groove guide board
       2. With smart money flap
       3. Unique opening process, opening box at GPS designated-point
       4. Exclusive non-contact CPU card to open the farebox, to take money bag out
       5. Electronic lock for money bag
Safe data storage(local storage, real time back)
       1. Cloud platform service, you can remotely view the opening records and the vehicle passenger flow data.
       2. Exclusive in-container electronic tags, can contact with the cash register systems
       3. With built-in storage card, through the on-board network CAN bus export or upload the data, have memory and passenger statistics function
       4. Control the farebox opening in designated time & place
Passenger flow statistics
       Counting the passengers with the acceptor using the infrared detection technology
Wide voltage design 
Simple and easy to operate
       The fastest coin processing for reduced dwell time
Sturdy and durable
       1. Stainless steel box
       2. Modular design for easy maintenance

Power input
12V   24V
The input voltage is divided into 12v and 24v two levels
Working temperature
-20 ~ 55℃
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
CAN interface
Support 2-way CAN interface
It is used to connect the dispatching terminal.

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